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Montessori toys 2 year old

Labyrinth and Maze Toys for Children!

I've started looking around for Christmas gifts for my chlildren. I came across this wonderful junior maze (for Otis 5yrs) and it got me thinking about other, similar toys. I'm convinced these are great for building focus, developing hand-eye coordination, and visual perception. They'd additionally be enjoyable to make use of with family or friends.
Many of these would be well satisfied to a Montessori environment, gross motor area or toddler place!
I love this quote from MontessoriReStore. "The labyrinth is an ancient symbol that relates to wholeness. It combines the imagery of the circle and the spiral into a meandering but purposeful path. It represents a journey to our own center and back out again into the world . The simplicity engages the right side of the brain allowing instinct, imagination and vision to form a meditative exercise to reconnect you with your center. It has been found to enhance wellness, express emotions and produce a feeling of well being for centuries. Utilize a personal maze to focus a youngster between tasks or only when the child needs a minute of reflection."
Wooden Finger Labyrinth - MontessoriReStore on Etsy
Hand-Held Wooden Marble Labyrinths - FromJennier on Etsy

Magnetic Labyrinth Racing Game - Lakeshore Learning
Magnet Express - Anatex
Junior Labyrinth - Child.com.au (Australia)

Maze - BRIO

Christmas Puzzles to Love - 2 to 5 Years

Here are a few of the most magnificent and Montessori family friendly Christmas puzzles! It is about stacking, sorting, sequencing, patterns, and discovering order!
All these puzzles would work superbly in a tray or on a young child's work shelves. I actually adore the natural timber puzzles.

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Gift Ideas for the Montessori Kid - Christmas

When trying to find Christmas gift ideas it's easy to think all the great toys come from abroad. These present ideas usually do not include Montessori stuff however they are appropriate for the Montessori kid and they are all made by Australian firms. I have really tried to include as many small businesses and handmade goods as possible while also emphasizing some of our favourite Australian merchandises! Many of these stores send abroad also.
Little back packs perfect for independent Montessori kids by Bagbini (international transport available).
Playdough and accessories at Joyful Hands Happy Heart (we adore this playdough, the texture and fragrances are exceptional).
Gentle skin care from Sukin.

Reindeer Costume at StitchandWillow (Etsy) (my five year old would love this!!).
Healthy Flash Cards (good for all sorts of learning) at Teepee Learning (international transport available). I also love these Pregnancy and Birth Affirmation Cards.
There are very few Montessori substance producers in Australia but Wood Puzzles has a great selection of language materials and Australian made wooden trays. I recommend the Magnetic Movable Alphabet as well as the depicted Alphabet Boards.
Child size, real, Tool Set and Gardening Set with Gloves at Me2Me2.
The Happy Architect and Alphabet Duplicate Pairs at The Freckled Frog.
Infant Morris board books at Little Children Matters.

DIY Coloured Beeswax Kit by Luxmi (this is the little kit for making birthday candles, would be wonderful for a younger kid, the larger coloured kit is listed here).
Star Garland at KirraKai (Etsy), perfect kid and environmentally friendly decorations.
And how adorable is this soft Humpback Whale and these felt fruits and vegetables? I trust you enjoyed this little snippet of what Australian shops must offer!

For Kids 3 to 4 Years

Magnetic Dress Up Santa.
Santa's Sleigh Wooden Chunky Puzzle (9 bits).

For Kids 2 to 3 Years

Wooden Christmas Tree Puzzle. The beauty of this puzzle is in it's simplicity.
Chunky Wooden Christmas Puzzle.
Christmas Blocks. A puzzle that doubles as decoration!
Perfect for the child's awareness of order. Once the child has mastered the nesting dolls, see if they could put them away with their eyes closed or blindfolded.
I adore these very straightforward two, three and four piece puzzles.

For Kids 5 Years

Christmas Tree Triangle Puzzle.
Gingerbread Houses Family Puzzle. This puzzle is made to be used by a group of people with different skill levels as it has three different sized pieces. I love at Christmas to really have a puzzle going on the table for everyone to lead to and this puzzle would be ideal! It has 400 pieces.
I've purchased Otis two Christmas puzzles by Ravensburger, which is one of my favourite puzzle brands, their age suggestions are usually spot on!

DIY Montessori-Inspired Activities for a 2 Year Old children

Note: I got most of these ideas either from Pinterest, or from the novel Teach Me to Do It Myself: Montessori Activities for You and Your Child by Maja Pitamic (one of my all time favourite Montessori novels, and one I highly recommend if you’re interested in Montessori-at-home). And bonus: all of these actions are very low-cost, or free — they normally use items you already have in your home. I don’t have the funds to invest in elaborate Montessori materials, so I do my best with what I have. Acquiring the Senses

Colour-Fitting Wheel

I cut the circle out of a couple sheets of stiff paper pasted together (file folders, in case you need to understand), split it into 8 wedges, and then painted the wedges and clothespins to coincide.

Clothespins on a Clothesline

For this task, you are in need of a wooden tray, square scraps of cloth, cord, and a bowl of mini-clothespins. I got my tray from Hobby Lobby for $6, and cut up some old t shirts for the cloth bits. Before inviting her to attempt, I placed the cloths in a pile on the tray and place the clothespins beside it, and presented with one piece.

Cutting with Scissors

Yes, real scissors. No, she hasn't lost any fingers. (I purchased her a pair of these Fiskars spring-actions preschool scissors because I thought they would be simpler to use, but she really favors the regular type.)

Transferring with a Baster

It took a while for her to comprehend the significance of squeezing, dipping the tip into the water, and lifting the point before squeezing into the next bowl.

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Numeracy - Amount Rods

Number rods are a great, easy-to-make tool for introducing your toddler to numerals and amount

Clothespins on a Bowl

This thought also came from Teach Me to Do It Myself. It’s a good method to introduce your toddler to clothespins, which are useful for developing the pincer grasp.

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Threading Pony Beads onto Pipe Cleaners

Since they stay stiff and then hold onto the beads to keep them from sliding, pipe cleaners are perfect for little hands. (I’ve already sung their praises here).

Sequencing/Matching 2D Shapes (Circles)

She managed to catch on fairly quickly. I tried the same action with triangles and squares, but for some reason she couldn’t get it in any way. I’ll try again in a month or two.

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Sewing on an Embroidery Hoop

An excellent activity for introducing youngsters to how stitching and weaving work.

Potty training Montessori way

When to begin toileting

Between twelve and eighteen months is for beginning toilet comprehension, the sensitive period. It can begin sooner or later, depending on the little one. Look for signals of preparation: An interest in cycles (bib now goes in the hamper, hamper goes to the cellar, into the device, etc. Kid watches with interest as well as follows along).
Kid is walking. You see child touches. Child is beginning to have bowel movements at specific times of day. Sometimes a child exhibits none of those hints but will become interested the moment you start to attract her focus on toileting, so we urge starting before 18 months. Equip for toileting success! To begin, purchase as many as 30 pairs of thick underpants. We recommend Gerber training trousers which come 3 in a pack for about 5 dollars at Target (US). They can be durable, although the most absorbent and least expensive. For success, the leg holes should be big enough and the panties loose that it could be pulled down and up without extraneous attempt on the child's part. To get a child between 18 and 12 months, Gerber training pants, size two, is advocated. If she's big for her age, or as the child approaches 18 months, she's going to desire size three. Place a piece of flannel that is rubberized in the car seat and buy several sheets of it for the bed. Be certain you have many pairs of pull-on pants for your son or daughter, as he might must alter frequently.

Montessori curriculum for 2 year old

The terrible twos as they're called dawn in! However, you will not need to fear this transitional change for your son or daughter, it may be managed. There are strategies that may help this interval to be a smooth transition. This is often accomplished by giving chance to do the jobs proposed to them and giving kids alternatives to prevent power struggles and permitting them to accomplish things alone. At this point, as they grow up, kids must be given more freedom. This is revealed in the surroundings. How one orders it such that the child can independently achieve things for himself. This subsequently gives him/her the sense of achievement and in turn develops a high self esteem. The key is to set up the surroundings in which he is able to succeed to be able to do things by himself. For young kid things may have to be set up step by step, which may be tedious and slow for adults but is vital for a kid who is learning.
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Dining Area Setup

At this point the kid can eat the food the family has. The child might also have meals with the family so that he/she can also find the proper societal part of eating meals. Your son or daughter could be put in a high chair along together with the family near the table to truly have a sense of belonging. If possible have the kid utilizing the same table as the family is. Remove the table that secludes him and have him pushed up on the family table. The child can also choose to eat in his own table and chair. A kid can have his own accessibility to a low drawer in the kitchen which can include plate and his own utensils. The utensils and can be actual lightweight and plate do not need to be plastic. The glass may also be real. In case the child is taught the best way to take care of matters properly, manage things with attention, they may surprise you. If the little one chooses to eat at his table that is low there should be no panic for glasses to break as it a short distance to the earth. This could also teach the child how to look after their own plates and glass and spoons and forks. A placemat with drawings of the plate, spoon, fork and glass may be drawn on it as a guide for table setting. See Pouring a drink activity.